The new .bot domains are coming

Registering a new .bot domain is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to create their own online space dedicated to the field of technology and IT, and especially to bots, which are leading edge and the most popular programs, facilitating the carrying out of human tasks.

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The new .bot domains are coming

The purpose of the new .bot domains, which are about to be released, is to provide an online environment dedicated to the world of technology and IT, and especially to bots (or robots), meaning those programs that carry out heavy or complex tasks for human users.

The new .bot gTLD will be used by companies in the industry to present the various bots (both software and physical) that exist, explain their main tasks, provide their content and associated services, as well as create an online space to identify a particular "bot" software, thus being recognizable to users.

Online assistants (Chatterbots, or a software designed to simulate a conversation with humans) and physical robots are becoming increasingly important and more frequent in everyday life with the evolution of technology, information technology and all the services available. In this respect, registering a new .bot domain is the ideal choice for representing yourself in the "bot" community.  

Currently and until July 14, .bot domains are in the Sunrise phase, the first phase of the entire launch phase of a domain reserved exclusively for holders of trademarks that are registered and validated at the Trademark ClearingHouse.
In this respect, we recommend you read our domains in Sunrise details.

Finally, starting November 14, the new .bot domains will enter the Go Live phase, which is when the domain actually opens to the public. It is still not clear, however, whether the registration rules will require the applicant to be in the industry that the extension refers to, or whether anyone can apply for a .bot domain, without restrictions.

Register your name under the .bot extension right away and show the entire Internet world that you belong to the technology and IT sector, which is in such cutting-edge high-speed evolution!

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